Pontefract Heritage Open Day Tours – Research for Ponte Project

On Friday the 7th of September (2016) I went to visit various events that were taking place in Pontefract as part of the Heritage Open Days on that day.

First was the Heritage Walk given by Pontefract Heritage Group. Meeting at Pontefract Museum we were guided around locations of note, including the buttercross, indoor market, post office and many more, and told a few points of interest about each of them. It was kept brief as otherwise it would have lasted much longer than the hour or so that it did. But with each place that we visited, places that I’ve seen and walked past many times before, I was finding myself looking at them more closely as more information about them was revealed

Once that had finished I then went to Pontefract Town Hall and Assembly rooms to join the tour there. It had started while I was still on the Heritage Walk so sadly I missed some of it but I was glad that I managed to catch the last bit at least.  “A Grade ll listed 18th Century town hall built in 1785 by Bernard Hartley. The Assembly rooms were added in 1883. The borough Magistrates operated from the Old Town Hall until the early 1900s, and it was here that the first parlimentary election by secrt ballot was held.The nelson room also houses the last remaining plaster cast of Nelson’s death scene.” They’re such lovely buildings to look at when you actually take in all the details and features, I do enjoy looking at them from my studio window that’s only across the road. But it’s even more lovely on the inside and I’m so pleased that I was able to get to see it.

The last tour of the day was at Pontefract Masonic Hall, “Built in 1890, approx, it serves as a meeting place for 7 Masonic Lodges, I can’t say that I knew much about the masons before I went to visit. Luckily that didn’t really matter as I could still appreciate the fabulous carpet and use of old cinema seats in the main room, along with all the other interesting and beautiful things that were there too.

I enjoyed my day out taking in some of the heritage of Pontefract. All the tours provided me with fresh ideas and inspiration for the continuation of my “Ponte Project”, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to go along to them.



Heritage Open Days is England’s largest annual heritage festival, taking place 8-11 September.

Working with businesses and property owners throughout Pontefract, Pontefract Civic Society organise and co-ordinate the Heritage Open Days festival each year. For four days of the year, a program of events and tours provide residents and visitors to explore parts of the town which aren’t always open to the public, completely free of charge.”taken from the Pontefract Civic Society website pontefractcivicsociety.org.uk


Pontefract Heritage Group “are a voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting awareness of and interest in the heritage of Pontefract. Our members come from all walks of life but we all share the same passion about Pontefract and its history.” find out more on their website pontefractheritagegroup.org.uk


Look out for some of these photos being turned into 3D Acrylic Paintings in the future .

Til next time,

Take care.

Purple Faye x