The first ever 3D Acrylic Paintings by Purple Faye

“Scarab beetles”

3D Acrylic Paintings by Purple Faye

Aprox 60cm square (left) and aprox 20cm square maquette (right)

Image Depth 20mm
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, built up with cardboard and modroc

3D Acrylic painting made up of layers of cardboard, covered with modroc (plaster of paris in bandage) then painted with acrylic paint with oil pastel on top.

Made in June 2000 (aprox)

These were the second set of 3D Acrylic Paintings (main finished painting plus maquette) that I ever made.  Made while I was at Brayton High School (1995-2000) for my GCSE Art coursework and final piece. They have the added element of oil pastels used on top of the paint.

(The first 3D Acrylic painting that I actually made was sold to my high school headteacher before I finished to go to college and unfortunatley I didn’t have the forsight to take a picture of it back then.)

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