How artist Purple Faye made Alex’s ‘Targaryen Sigil’ (from Game of Thrones) 3D acrylic painting

Alex asked me if I’d be able to make him a 3D acrylic painting of the Targaryen Sigil from Game of Thrones. I said that it would be fiddly but yeah I’d be able to make it for him. This shows how I did it (it was as fiddle as I was expecting it to be but I enjoyed the challenge)

If you’d like me to make you a 3D acrylic painting then get in touch.

With this one being so fiddly I jumped straight in with cutting the design out of cardboard using a craft knife, rather than by drawing it all out first like I usually do, this was mainly to speed up the process.

You can see in the photos how I used a combination of print outs and having the image on a tablet to work from to make sure that I got everything in the right place.

I used one layer of thick cardboard to make the image stick out but not too much, giving it a more subtle embossed look.

Once the cardboard was all cut out and positioned on the canvas I then stuck it down and began the equally fiddly job of putting the modroc (bandages with plaster of Paris in) on top.

Once everything was covered and all the gaps were filled I let the modroc dry before I could then begin painting it with acrylic paints.

The first coat of paint was the easiest stage of the whole process as it was just a black base coat all over, in all the nooks and crannies.

Then once that had dried I could start painting in the red dragon and all the extra black and white details before finishing it off by painting in the white writing.

As I said at the start I knew this was going to be a challenging commission because it was so fiddly, so when I finished it I was pleased with the outcome and was even more pleased that Alex was so complimentary about it once he had seen it too.

If you’d like me to make you a 3D acrylic painting then get in touch.

Take care.

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How to make your own square Unicorn 3D picture like artist Purple Faye

I wanted to have a finished ‘Unicorn’ 3D acrylic painting to show people who are interested in my kits, when I do craft fairs etc, so I thought it would be helpful to make it using one of the kits I’d made so i can show you how I do it.

If you’ve bought a kit from me to make your own square unicorn 3D picture then hopefully you should find this useful if you get stuck when making yours.

If you don’t have one of my kits yet but you’d like one then you can buy them from my etsy shop



I used the template to get the shape and followed my instructions of which bits to cut out to make it 3D. Once all my cardboard layers were stuck together on the canvas I then covered it in modroc, adding texture as per my instructions. I then used acrylic paints, mixing my own pastel colours to get the shades that I wanted, to paint it once the modroc was completely dry.

This video shows how I put the modroc on:

This video show’s how I used acrylic paints to paint it.


If you need any help with your kits or if there’s a kit that you would like me to make for you then please get in touch.


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Purple Faye x

Last Open Days at Pontefract Studio: Thurs 9th & Fri 10th Feb 11am-7pm

As you may already know the lease on my studio finishes at the end of February.

Before I start moving out I’m going to have open days on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February 11am-7pm

You can come to see my work and how I make it. Plus you will also get the chance to have exclusive deals just in time for Valentines day on the 14th.


If you can’t make it to the open days but would still like to visit before I leave then let me know so we can arrange it.

These videos show how to find my studio if you’ve not visited before.

I look forward to seeing you there on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February 11am-7pm.

Studio Address:

1st Floor

Pearl Assurance House

1-3 Horsefair


West Yorkshire


(entrance is via the Fitness Solutions Door)

Pearl Assurance House 1-3 Horsefair Pontefract West YorkshireWF8 1PE              (entrance via Fitness Solutions doorway) The shutters are closed in this picture

Purple Faye x


Purple Faye at the Chantry Chapel Wednesday 25th May 2016 for the Wakefield Artwalk

On Wednesday the 25th May 2016 I had an exhibition of my work at the Chantry Chapel in Wakefield as part of the Wakefield Artwalk (5pm-9pm).

I took along my “Ponte Project” and “Trains and Planes” collections, along with a few other things to show the pet portraits I do and what can be made with one of my kits to make your own 3D picture. Unfortunatley the weather was a bit rainy so I was pleased with the turn out we had, about 15 visitors. Plus a few of those signed up to get my newsletter and 3 people bought kits too. (Yay!)



A bit about Chantry Chapel

“The Chantry Chapel of St Mary the Virgin was built in the mid 14th century when the stone bridge replaced a wooden one. It is one of only three surviving bridge chapels in England and, with the bridge, is a scheduled ancient monument and a Grade I listed building. The original stonework can be seen at the base, although the upper part, including the west front, was rebuilt in 1847-8.
The Friends of Wakefield Chantry Chapel, established in 1990 in collaboration with the Civic Society, exist to ensure the chapel is kept in good repair and is made available to visitors. In 1995 major roof repairs were carried out, and the building was re-wired and new lighting and heating systems were installed. Recently the interior has undergone substantial reordering with the removal of pew platforms, a new stone floor and new seating. The Chantry is now under the authority of the Dean and Chapter of Wakefield Cathedral.
There are open days at public-holiday weekends and group visits can be arranged by appointment at other times.”

Chantry Chapel of St Mary the Virgin
Chantry Bridge Industrial Estate
West Yorkshire
Find out more on the website
(there is a very informative video on there that I enjoyed watching)
Studio Visits
If you would like to see my work in my Pontefract studio then you’re very welcome to, the best way is to get in touch to make an appointment so we can arrange when the best day/time for us both is.
The address is: 1st Floor
Pearl Assurance House
1-3 Horsefair
(entrance is via the Fitness Solutions doorway, follow the signs up the stairs for Purple Faye)
I look forward to hearing from you,
Take care
Purple Faye x

Purple Faye at BCTF 2015

This time last year I was exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) at The Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate.

It was an amazing experience and I’m very thankful that I was lucky enough to get funding help from Wakefield Council so that I could do it.

I’d never done any trade fairs before (trying to sell my work to retail/galleries etc for them to sell on to their customers rather than trying to directly to the public) and I found it intimidating to think about.

There was a lot of preparation involved beforehand, not only getting my 3D Acrylic Paintings ready but also thinking about how to display them in the space I was going to have. You can’t nail/screw etc anything into walls of the stands at BCTF so the obvious way of showing my paintings wasn’t going to be possible. This meant that I had to get a bit more creative. I wanted to keep it simple so as not to distract from the paintings but at the same time I wanted to make best use of the larger space I’d been given by the council. I also had to take into account the fact that I’d need to be able to transport it all in my little purple car too.

After some research and experimentation I came up with what you can see in the photos below, I’ve also included some shots of the process of painting the display things ready for BCTF and the presspacks that I made up with my leaflets, business card and press release too.

I managed to get set up on my own on the Saturday then it was just a case of leaving it set up ready for the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday then taking it all down and away after the final day on Tuesday. I was glad that I’d practised as it only took me a couple of hours, it wouldn’t have taken a lot longer otherwise, especially trying to get everything to fit in my little car.

I found the other exhibitors to be very helpful and welcoming, with amazing work and displays. I enjoyed going in in the morning before it opened to the trade buyers and having a look round at all the other displays There were some that have been doing it for years and others that were doing it for the first time too. The organisers had done a good job of getting a nice mix of things plus I found them to be very helpful answering my questions whenever I needed them to. I also enjoyed the events that they put on in the mornings and evenings, workshops for dealing with buyers/ selling to trade and awards for the best display etc.

Even though I’ve not as yet had any orders or sales as a result of doing BCTF last year, I did get some lovely comments from the buyers going round and it helped to highlight what things I needed to work on further.

Overall I found it to be a wonderful experience, one that I would like to try again if I can get the funding.

Even though it is a trade fair you are able to look round even if you’re not a trade buyer so if you want to pop along you can. Unfortunatley I wasn’t able to get funding to exhibit there this year but there are so many amazing and wonderful things to see that if you’ve not had chance to go yet then it’s open tomorrow 10am-5pm for the last day. (Great Yorkshire Showground HG2 8QZ)

For more information visit the website

It’s always great to get feedback and hear from you so please leave a comment below or email


Till next time

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Purple Faye x

Art Adventure: Wakefield Artwalk 30th March 2016

On Wednesday (3oth March 2016) we went to Wakefield for the Artwalk 5pm-9pm.

“Every other month, venues across Wakefield come alive with a variety of visual arts and crafts, live music, and performances. All are welcome, so slip on some comfy shoes and come and enjoy the art on offer whilst you explore our city”

We started at the Well Woman Centre on King Street to see what the ladies there had made in their arts and craft classes then walked a bit further along to Jordans Solicitors to see the “Bubbles Series”paintings of Rachel Chapman.

Next stop was Snap Arts on Bond Street (near Wakefield College) to see the “Shakespeare 400” exhibition featuring the work of 20 artist and performers celebrating 400 years of the Bard.

From there we went to the Bull Ring to see the new gallery for local artists called The Picture Box Gallery. While we were there I asked about getting my 3D Acrylic Paintings exhibited there and it just so happened that a space was going to be available on the Friday if I wanted it. Obviously I jumped at the chance so now I’m pleased to say that you can now see and buy my work from there. (Yay!)

Next on the Artwalk we went to Wakefield Cathedral to see the “History Repeats in the East End” by Rachel Richardson which looked amazing in the Cathedral space. After he’d had a cup of tea we went over to Wakefield Beer Exchange to see the Sister Said “Oh, Natural” group exhibition of 10 artists showing their own unique perspective of what it means to be natural. (Including the work of Louisa Foley who’s work we saw at Munrow House Gallery, Leeds a few weeks ago. Read the blog post about it here). Apparently they have very nice beer there too. Once he’d enjoyed the beer there we popped next door to Iris to see the work of Thomas Dyson. Unfortunately we didn’t feel that this was a very accessable place in terms of seeing the art on the Artwalk. It seemed to be a very nice restaurant but in terms of just going in to see the art we found it difficult. It wasn’t a big space and the art was hung above the tables where people were eating and staff were trying to serve people so we just felt a bit awkward really and didn’t stay long. So unfortunatley I only saw the work for as long as it took to take a quick picture and that was it.

After the disappointing experience of Iris we walked down to Westgate Studios to see which artists had their studio doors open and the paintings of Paul Stone in the project/exhibition space. He had some lovely photorealistic paintings of donuts and lemons which were available to buy directly from the artist.

A little bit further down Westgate we popped into Unity Works to see the fab new “Trip into 3D” work of Brian Holding and the colourful “Yorkshire Life” exhibition of paintings by Linda Goulding. Then we crossed over the road to the Theatre Royal to see the photographs taken by pupils of Hemsworth Academy.

Next stop was Westgate Chapel to see the photographs of Paula Todd then over to The Arthouse to see which artists had their studios open. In particular I wanted to see the 8DayDraw project of Helen THomas, which I’d been following on twitter and looked even better in real life. The final stop was Harry’s Bar to see the photographs of Claire Maw, but that was so rammed full and dark that I couldn’t take any photos to show you. You’ll just have to go see them for yourself.

Here are the photos that I did manage to take over the course of the night…..


The next Wakefield Artwalk will be on Wednesday 25th May and you will be able to come see me and my 3D Acrylic Paintings at the Chantry Chapel (near the Hepworth Gallery) 5pm-9pm aswell as being able to see my work in The Picture Box Gallery on the Bull Ring.

For a full list of the venues and more information see

I look forward to seeing you then.

Till next time,

Take care

Purple Faye x


Art adventure: Illustrators Louisa Foley & Thom Milson Exhibition at Munrow House, Leeds

On Monday (14th March 2016) we went to visit the Louisa Foley & Thom Milson Exhibition at Munrow House, Leeds. Here are a few photos from our trip….


About the exhibition:

“An exhibition of work by two talented Illustrators, who we think are super.

Louisa Foley

Louisa Foley graduated from Leeds college of Art studying printed textiles and surface pattern.

Louisa says:

My practice is heavily illustration based combining a number of different techniques including: Hand drawn illustrations, collage, Digital printing, Hand embellishments and embroidery. I love colour, surrealism, and typography these all play a large role in my work which is inspired by a mash up of 60’s graphics, pop art, punk, kitsch and feminism. This eclectic mix leads me to some strange places but definitely reflect my playful sense of humour. I like to make work that catches peoples eye and makes them laugh, i believe life is too short to be serious and beige and my work is a visual way of saying this, rather than being polite and asking to be seen it screams in your face ‘HELLO I HAVE ARRIVED’“.

For more information:
Louisa’s Website / Louisa’s Instagram

Thom Milson

Thom Milson is an illustrator based in Leeds. As a graduate of Leeds Beckett University, with a degree in Fine Art, Thom has gone on to work with a wide range of clients in a range of mediums – as well as pursuing regular personal passion projects, such as those seen in this exhibit. Working regularly in inks, printmaking, digital illustration and paper cuts, his work explores the relationship between handmade and digital process, creating a word that feels alien yet familiar.

For more information:
Thom’s Website / Thom’s Instagram” taken from

A bit about the Gallery at Munrow House:

“The Gallery at Munro House is an independent commercial art gallery, event space, and café in Leeds. Our aim is to support local arts and culture while also bringing artists and their work to the city from further afield.

From our city centre location we exhibit and represent artists specialising in all types of art, including photography, illustration, painting, print, sculpture, animation, film, and graphic design.

Since opening in September 2011 we have exhibited an eclectic mix of styles and media from both established and emerging talents; exhibitions range from photography to illustration, painting, printmaking and sculpture. The space also hosts a wide-ranging programme of events and is available to hire for functions and private exhibitions.

Situated inside Munro House in the East of Leeds, Gallery Munro House is not to be confused with Leeds City Art Gallery. We are situated at the corner of York Street and Duke Street in LS9 – view a map of the gallery location – just moments from the City Centre, around the corner from BBC Yorkshire and opposite the City Bus Station.”

To find out more about Munrow House visit their website


The exhibition is only on until the 31st March (2016) so if you want to go see it for yourself you’ve only got a few days left.

Admission is free

Open times: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri

10am-6pm Saturday

Closed Sunday


Till next time

Take care

Purple Faye x

Visit to the Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair and The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories Photographs by Martin Parr Exhibition

Last Sunday (6th March 2016) I went to visit the Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair 2016

Held on the Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th 10am-5pm in The Calder (the converted mill space across from the main building) it was only the second year of the Print Fair and it featured over 40 printmakers. (The first fair last year attracted over 2000 visitors.)

I was looking forward to seeing the printmakers there that I’d met last year at The Art House in Wakefield when I took part in the Belay program which helped artists develop their business skills; Laura Slater, Bobshaped (Rachel Richardson), Wil Law, Rachel Sim, Ali Appleby and The Art House itself.

It was really nice to see them all and grab a quick chat to catch up and see how they’d been getting on. I didn’t want to distract them from their potential customers too much though  as there was a steady stream of people walking through. I was really pleased to hear how well each of them had been doing over the weekend and hopefully they continued to do so for the last couple of hours after I left them.

After visiting the Print Fair in The Calder I then popped over to the main building to check out the Martin Parr exhibition “The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories”. Unfortunatley I couldn’t stay for long but I had an enjoyable walk round the galleries looking at as much as I could. I especially liked the wall of his self portaits as part of the Autoportrait series.


The Martin Parr exhibition is on until the 12th of June at The Hepworth Wakefield if you wanted to go see it for yourself, admission is free

Open: 10am – 5pm Tuesday – Sunday
Closed Mondays except local school holidays and bank holidays
10am – 9pm Third Thursday of the month

About the Martin Parr exhibition:

“The Hepworth Wakefield is delighted to present a new commission and major survey exhibition by British photographer Martin Parr.

The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories is the largest Martin Parr exhibition in the UK since his Barbican retrospective in 2002, comprising more than 300 photographs that span the past 40 years.

A comprehensive overview of Parr’s work is on display, from early Yorkshire-based black and white photographs of rural communities to his recent international examinations of consumerism. Drawing on the implicit themes of labour and leisure present in the new Rhubarb Triangle commission, the exhibition brings together photographs from multiple series and commissions to address contemporary global networks of industry and consumption. Key series include: The Non-Conformists, 1975-80; The Last Resort, 1983-85; The Cost of Living, 1989; Autoportrait, 1991-2012 and Common Sense, 1995-99.

The Rhubarb Triangle new commission lies at the heart of the exhibition and comprises a series of photographs taken over the last 12 months in an area of countryside known as ‘The Rhubarb Triangle’ between Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell in West Yorkshire, which is famous for producing early-forced rhubarb. Parr’s photographs capture all aspects of the rhubarb business, from the back-breaking work of moving the rhubarb from field to shed, the freezing cold and exhausting labour of picking the vegetable by candlelight (or occasionally by head-torch), and the consumption of the rhubarb by coach parties and food tourists.

The exhibition presents a chronological overview of Parr’s iconic series of works. The Non-Conformists and the Calderdale series, taken at the beginning of his career, reflect his experiences of living in and growing up in Yorkshire. After graduating from Manchester Polytechnic, Parr moved to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire where he embarked upon a project with his future partner Susie recording the disappearing communities around this small town. Parr was already familiar with Yorkshire from his early life, his paternal grandparents George and Florrie lived in Calverley in Leeds and he spent childhood holidays in the county, visiting Scarborough, Brimham Rocks and Bradford.

The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories will also include his acclaimed series The Last Resort, documenting the leisure time of the working class in the seaside town of New Brighton which contributed towards the transformation of documentary photography in Britain. We will also show Parr’s subsequent project, The Cost of Living, a photographic essay portraying the new middle classes of 1980s England at home, at parties and meetings, shopping, and going about their everyday life.

Parr’s investigation of cultural identity, aspiration and image is further addressed in the Autoportrait series, within which Parr presents himself as subject of studio portraits around the world. His increasing international work, photographing around the world for commissions or his own projects on themes such as tourism and beaches, is drawn together in two groups, Work and Leisure, to present the labour that produces the objects, food and environments that we consume, and the results of that often, ironically, uneasy experience of leisure time.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication on The Rhubarb Triangle featuring an essay by Martin’s partner, Susie Parr.” -taken from


Till next time,

Take care

Purple Faye x

Purple Faye’s DIY Cat Litter Tray Enclosure

I have 3 young (Dexter and Damien have just turned 2 and Naughty Norman turns 3 years old in June) boy cats. They are all house cats and don’t go outside so their litter trays get smelly pretty quickly. I’ve been managing to put up with it, my boyfriend less so, and after my sister showed off the litter tray enclosure that my dad had built her for her 2 boys my boyfriend said that he would make one for my 3. (That was in January)

Since then I’ve been clearing out the back bedroom that I had been using as my art studio (now I have my studio in Pontefract most of the stuff can be moved into there). Including the very big bits of MDF that I’d been using as a workbench and had previously been in my kitchen holding the oven before I ripped it all out and put my shiny purple kitchen in instead.

Now being the resourceful person that I am, and not liking to waste things by just throwing them away, I thought that since I didn’t really need the workbench anymore that they would be perfect to make a litter tray enclosure out of.

So rather than wait for my boyfriend to get round to making one when he got chance I decided that I’d use my big bits of MDF and see what I could come up with.

It’s not as good as the one that my dad made for my sister but I’m quite pleased with it anyway, and it didn’t cost me anything apart from the £6 for the catflap.

Now my house is less smelly and I’ve moved the big bits of MDF out of my back bedroom, win win.

The cats seem to like it too……


Till next time

Take care

Purple Faye x