How to make your own square Unicorn 3D picture like artist Purple Faye

I wanted to have a finished ‘Unicorn’ 3D acrylic painting to show people who are interested in my kits, when I do craft fairs etc, so I thought it would be helpful to make it using one of the kits I’d made so i can show you how I do it.

If you’ve bought a kit from me to make your own square unicorn 3D picture then hopefully you should find this useful if you get stuck when making yours.

If you don’t have one of my kits yet but you’d like one then you can buy them from my etsy shop



I used the template to get the shape and followed my instructions of which bits to cut out to make it 3D. Once all my cardboard layers were stuck together on the canvas I then covered it in modroc, adding texture as per my instructions. I then used acrylic paints, mixing my own pastel colours to get the shades that I wanted, to paint it once the modroc was completely dry.

This video shows how I put the modroc on:

This video show’s how I used acrylic paints to paint it.


If you need any help with your kits or if there’s a kit that you would like me to make for you then please get in touch.


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New Purple Faye Product: New ‘Make Your Own 3D Picture Kits’

You may remember my previous blog posts about developing my ‘Make Your Own 3D Picture’ well over the summer I worked on some templates and chose four designs to make up into kits including these templates, two sizes of each. Unicorn, Cat, Highland Cow and Love Heart. I’ve recently, over the past couple of months, added four Christmas designs too. Christmas Tree and Star and Candy Cane and Snowman.

I’ve taken these to a couple of craft fairs to test the water and I’m pleased to say that they sold quite well so it’s something that I’m going to expand on in the new year with new template designs.

If there’s any that you’d like me to make then just let me know in the comments.

Currently the small kits are £5 and the large ones are £10, available from my etsy shop

There are also a couple of each available to buy in Wakefield from The Picture Box Gallery (near the Bull Ring and Trinity Walk, across the road from Yorkshire Bank)





Let me know what you think in the comments.


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New Product from Purple Faye: 3D Print Greetings Cards

I’m pleased to finally be able to show you my 3D print greetings cards that I now have available for sale.

There are 10 different designs all based on my original 3D Acrylic Paintings, with a limited number of each design available.

  • Blank inside with an envelope included and protective cellophane packaging.
  • Embossed printed in the UK on 300gsm Accent Callisto Diamond White Buckram Card
  • 5 of the designs are standard rectangle card size 5”x7”  (127mmx 178mm) and the other 5 are standard square card size 6×6 (150mmx150mm)

Priced at only £4 each with a special introductory offer of any 3 for just £10.

As they are 3D print greetings cards you can use them as a greetings card and put them in a frame so they really are the perfect dual purpose gift and card in one.

This is your chance to get artwork by Purple Faye for the price of a fancy coffee

Why not treat yourself or a special someone today?


  • You can buy them directly from me at my studio in Pontefract,
  • online from
  • from The Picture Box Gallery in Wakefield, 14 Northgate, WF1 3AA (near the Bullring and Trinity shopping centre) Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
  • or by emailing



I really hope that you like them,

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till next time,

Purpe Faye x