How the Marley 3D acrylic painting dog pet portrait was made by purple loving Yorkshire artist Purple Faye

In this blog post I’m going to show you how I (purple loving Yorkshire artist Purple Faye) made the ‘Marley’ dog pet portrait 3D acrylic painting.

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I made this 3D acrylic painting of Marley the beagle, who is sadly no longer with us, as a surprise birthday present.

After finding the photo, and selecting the canvas size I was going to use, I then started to draw the design onto the piece of cardboard that I’d cut to the same size as the blank canvas.

I then cut this out and made it 3D by using the offcuts and other pieces of cardboard to create layers which I then stuck onto the blank canvas.

Once the glue had set I could then apply the modroc (bandages with plaster of Paris in, like the pot they put on your arm when it’s broken). I roughly cut it to size while it was still dry and easier to cut, then I dunked it in water with a bit of glue mixed in, wrung it out and smoothed it over the cardboard.

As it started to set I used my fingernails to scratch some fur texture in, then I left it to dry for a few days to make sure that it had thoroughly dried out completely. Once it had dried I could then start painting it with acrylic paint.

I used white as the base coat then started to paint the markings in using a mix of brown, white, black and a sandy colour. Once they were painted in I could start to work on the details, the eyes being the most important to me to get right.

To finish it off I mixed a pale yellow/cream for the background.

I’m pleased that they seem to love it as much as I loved making it for them.

If you’d like to order your own dog pet portrait 3D acrylic painting, for yourself or a loved one, you can do so here:

Or you can message me directly to pay in instalments/order a different size or ask any questions you might have.

Stay safe.

Purple Faye x

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