How artist Purple Faye made the ‘Daffodil’ 3D acrylic painting

Here’s how I made my ‘Daffodil’ 3D acrylic painting.

I started by drawing out the design onto a piece of cardboard I’d cut from a box, making sure it was the same size as the canvas I was going to use so the design would fit on the canvas.

I then cut the design out and used some of the offcuts to make extra layers for the flower head. These were then stuck down onto the cavas and left to dry.

Next I covered the cardboard with the modroc (plaster of paris bandages) and left it to dry again. Once the modroc was dry I used acrylic paints on top.

I started by making it a yellow daffodil but I felt that the white and orange would look better , I then decided to use two colours in the background to make the daffodil appear to pop out of the canvas even more.

The finished piece is available to buy from my etsy shop here.

Don’t forget to get 10% off in my etsy shop by getting the discount code here.

Till next time.

Take care.

Purple Faye x


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