Purple Faye Adventure: Mini Break to Amsterdam March 29th-31st 2017

On Wednesday (29th March 2017) as a late birthday present (my birthday was 21st February) my lovely boyfriend took me on a mini break to Amsterdam on the ferry from Hull.

We got to Hull for about 6pm, got settled into our premier class cabin and waited for the ferry to set off at 20:30.


At 7am local time (they were an hour ahead there) the captain gave us a wake up call over the Tannoy so we could start getting up and ready for docking in Rotterdam at 8:15am.

Because we had a premier class cabin we were able to watch out of our window as we got closer to the dock, which was fun.

Unfortunately the dock was busy so we were delayed by about 20mins, but we were off the ferry and on the coach to take us to Amsterdam by about 9:25am.

We thought the driver said that the coach trip was going to be 1hour 45min but we were being dropped off in Amsterdam just after 10:30, so thankfully we weren’t on the coach that long.


This is the building that the coach dropped us off at, and where it would be picking us up from at 17:00.

Once we’d had a bit of a walk to stretch our legs we stopped at a cafe for a traditional dutch breakfast, 3 slices of bread with ham cheese and fried egg on top. A slightly odd combination but still tasty.

After eating we then started to explore, I would have liked to go to the art galleries/museums but they were quite far away from where we were and once we got there we wouldn’t have had much time to actually look round them anyway. So after we’d walked along the red light district, there wasn’t much happening there at that time, and got to where the flower market was we decided that we’d go on a boat tour.

Luckily it was a lovely sunny day so we sat at the back of the boat where there was no roof and I could take lots of pictures of all the amazing looking buildings, bridges and boats etc that we saw on the way.

After the boat tour we looked round the flower market and he bought me some pretty purple wooden tulips, which I’ve put in the purple glittery vase that my mum bought me for my birthday. They fit perfectly.  I liked the paper that they were wrapped in too.

Before we knew it nearly all of our time had passed and we needed to find our way back to the pick up point to get the coach back to the ferry. We managed to find it with enough time to pop into the Dirk supermarket to get some delicious curried sausage rolls and other snacks to eat on the coach to keep us going on the nearly 2 hours long coach trip. Unfortunately we hit traffic on the way back so that’s why it took nearly twice as long but once we got to the ferry port it took all of 5-10 minutes to check in and get back on board.

At 21:00 we were watching the sun set and waving goodbye to Rotterdam as we set off on the ferry crossing back to Hull. Another announcement gave us a wake up call at 6am and we were docked by 7:15. Then we were homewardbound.

I enjoyed our mini break, it’s just a shame that we didn’t get more time actually in Amsterdam as there was so much more to see and do but that was to be expected. So I would like to go back.

Even though the ferry journey was quite long I didn’t really notice it because it was overnight so I spent a lot of the time asleep. Plus as well as there being lots of bars and a house band to watch there was even a cinema on board that was cheap (£4.50 for an adult) and showing recent films too (Logan, Lego Batman, Disney’s Moana etc)  which I would have liked to have gone to but was too tired to in the end. The cabin was nice actually, didn’t feel really cramped like it could have done. Even the bathroom had a decent sized shower in it and the beds were comfy. It was a bit of a strange sensation laying in bed as the boat rocked about but we were lucky and the sea was gentle so it was quite relaxing in the end.

If you’re thinking about going I recommend it, but maybe stop over in Amsterdam for a night or 2 so you get more time to see as much as you can.


Till next time,

Take care.

Purple Faye x



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