Visit to The Great Yorkshire Show 2016

On Thursday the 14th July 2016 I went to visit The Great Yorkshire Show, it’s something I’ve been doing for the past few year now. (Read the blog post from my visit last year here)

The Great Yorkshire Show is England’s largest agricultural show. It’s held in Harrogate at the specially dedicated Great Yorkshire Showground. The first show was in 1837 and it’s been on every year since then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the beginning of July (usually the second week).

This year I went specifically to visit the Art demonstrations, gallery and arts/crafts stalls. I was still planning on seeing some animals and things too but my main focus was the arty stuff.

In previous years I just tended to wander round looking at the animals and watching any random demonstrations that were on if I happened to be there at the right time. But last year Lucy Fiona Morrison ( (who I know through The Art House in Wakefield) did an art demonstration on the Wednesday. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go on the Wednesday but when I went on the Thursday I had a quick look to see what other art demos were on and was suprised to fnd out how much arty stuff was at the agricultural show.

This year Lucy did her demo on Wednesday again, so I missed it again sadly. However I did get to see  Mandy Long ( show how she makes her wonderful ceramic sculptures, I then popped over to see the chickens. At one point I looked into get my own chickens but was told by the council that I wasn’t allowed to have them, so I got my 3 kitties instead.

The next art demo of the day was by Julie Cross  who showed how she makes her animal oil paintings and the last one was Richard Keeton showing his sea birds sketching techniques. Some of their work was in the gallery along with the wire sculptures of Chris Moss and stained glass of Caryl Hallett and much more.

Also around the showground are tents dedicated to stalls for arts and crafts, and this year the new hall was finished which had even more room for arts, crafts and food stalls, so I had plenty to keep me busy. Plus as it was the last day a lot of the food stalls and things which had been entered for competitions (cheese, flowers etc) were being sold off at the end of the day so I treated my mum to some flowers again.


I really enjoyed my day out at The Great Yorkshire Show, the time seemed to fly by and I felt very inspired by all the artists and artwork I saw.

I’m looking forward to going again next year.


Take care,

Till next time

Purple Faye x

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