Art Adventure: Wakefield Artwalk 30th March 2016

On Wednesday (3oth March 2016) we went to Wakefield for the Artwalk 5pm-9pm.

“Every other month, venues across Wakefield come alive with a variety of visual arts and crafts, live music, and performances. All are welcome, so slip on some comfy shoes and come and enjoy the art on offer whilst you explore our city”

We started at the Well Woman Centre on King Street to see what the ladies there had made in their arts and craft classes then walked a bit further along to Jordans Solicitors to see the “Bubbles Series”paintings of Rachel Chapman.

Next stop was Snap Arts on Bond Street (near Wakefield College) to see the “Shakespeare 400” exhibition featuring the work of 20 artist and performers celebrating 400 years of the Bard.

From there we went to the Bull Ring to see the new gallery for local artists called The Picture Box Gallery. While we were there I asked about getting my 3D Acrylic Paintings exhibited there and it just so happened that a space was going to be available on the Friday if I wanted it. Obviously I jumped at the chance so now I’m pleased to say that you can now see and buy my work from there. (Yay!)

Next on the Artwalk we went to Wakefield Cathedral to see the “History Repeats in the East End” by Rachel Richardson which looked amazing in the Cathedral space. After he’d had a cup of tea we went over to Wakefield Beer Exchange to see the Sister Said “Oh, Natural” group exhibition of 10 artists showing their own unique perspective of what it means to be natural. (Including the work of Louisa Foley who’s work we saw at Munrow House Gallery, Leeds a few weeks ago. Read the blog post about it here). Apparently they have very nice beer there too. Once he’d enjoyed the beer there we popped next door to Iris to see the work of Thomas Dyson. Unfortunately we didn’t feel that this was a very accessable place in terms of seeing the art on the Artwalk. It seemed to be a very nice restaurant but in terms of just going in to see the art we found it difficult. It wasn’t a big space and the art was hung above the tables where people were eating and staff were trying to serve people so we just felt a bit awkward really and didn’t stay long. So unfortunatley I only saw the work for as long as it took to take a quick picture and that was it.

After the disappointing experience of Iris we walked down to Westgate Studios to see which artists had their studio doors open and the paintings of Paul Stone in the project/exhibition space. He had some lovely photorealistic paintings of donuts and lemons which were available to buy directly from the artist.

A little bit further down Westgate we popped into Unity Works to see the fab new “Trip into 3D” work of Brian Holding and the colourful “Yorkshire Life” exhibition of paintings by Linda Goulding. Then we crossed over the road to the Theatre Royal to see the photographs taken by pupils of Hemsworth Academy.

Next stop was Westgate Chapel to see the photographs of Paula Todd then over to The Arthouse to see which artists had their studios open. In particular I wanted to see the 8DayDraw project of Helen THomas, which I’d been following on twitter and looked even better in real life. The final stop was Harry’s Bar to see the photographs of Claire Maw, but that was so rammed full and dark that I couldn’t take any photos to show you. You’ll just have to go see them for yourself.

Here are the photos that I did manage to take over the course of the night…..


The next Wakefield Artwalk will be on Wednesday 25th May and you will be able to come see me and my 3D Acrylic Paintings at the Chantry Chapel (near the Hepworth Gallery) 5pm-9pm aswell as being able to see my work in The Picture Box Gallery on the Bull Ring.

For a full list of the venues and more information see

I look forward to seeing you then.

Till next time,

Take care

Purple Faye x


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