Purple Faye’s DIY Cat Litter Tray Enclosure

I have 3 young (Dexter and Damien have just turned 2 and Naughty Norman turns 3 years old in June) boy cats. They are all house cats and don’t go outside so their litter trays get smelly pretty quickly. I’ve been managing to put up with it, my boyfriend less so, and after my sister showed off the litter tray enclosure that my dad had built her for her 2 boys my boyfriend said that he would make one for my 3. (That was in January)

Since then I’ve been clearing out the back bedroom that I had been using as my art studio (now I have my studio in Pontefract most of the stuff can be moved into there). Including the very big bits of MDF that I’d been using as a workbench and had previously been in my kitchen holding the oven before I ripped it all out and put my shiny purple kitchen in instead.

Now being the resourceful person that I am, and not liking to waste things by just throwing them away, I thought that since I didn’t really need the workbench anymore that they would be perfect to make a litter tray enclosure out of.

So rather than wait for my boyfriend to get round to making one when he got chance I decided that I’d use my big bits of MDF and see what I could come up with.

It’s not as good as the one that my dad made for my sister but I’m quite pleased with it anyway, and it didn’t cost me anything apart from the £6 for the catflap.

Now my house is less smelly and I’ve moved the big bits of MDF out of my back bedroom, win win.

The cats seem to like it too……


Till next time

Take care

Purple Faye x


7 thoughts on “Purple Faye’s DIY Cat Litter Tray Enclosure”

      1. This is true but I was only trying to copy what i’d seen, I didn’t invent the idea (which is indeed a brilliant one) but thank you anyway ☺

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