Framing my 3D Acrylic Paintings

I’ve always made my 3D Acrylic Paintings with the intention that they don’t need to be framed. In fact in a lot of cases I’ve deliberately made them bleeding over the edges so it would be difficult to put a frame on.

Recently though I’ve had a few people mention that they thought that my work would look better in frames which got me thinking about giving it a try, just to see what it would look like and if it actually did make a difference.

I took some of my work to the framer near to my studio to get their opinion and see what they suggested, plus get some quotes for prices.

It’s not that I don’t like frames by the way. I do think that the right frame can enhance a painting, making it look more finished and professional. I also think that the wrong frame can ruin one too though and sometimes less is more.





Out of the 2 that I’ve shown as examples above I think the most successful is the top one. But I don’t think it’s successful enough to change my mind about putting frames on my 3D Acrylic Paintings. Out of the people I’ve had feedback from so far they feel the same.

I’d love to know what you think too so please let me know by commenting below or email me

I look forward to seeing what you think

Till next time
Take care
Purple Faye x


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