Pre-Birthday Trip to KAWS at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last Thursday (18th Feb) as a special treat for my birthday on Sunday (21st Feb) my boyfriend took us on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at West Bretton, Wakefield (WF4 4LG) to see the KAWS exhibition.

“This is the first UK museum exhibition of work by the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. The expansive Longside Gallery features the artist’s large, bright, graphic canvases immaculately rendered in acrylic paint, alongside towering sculptures in fibreglass and wood. The historically designed landscape of YSP becomes home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures in KAWS’s trademark style – nostalgic characters in the process of growing up. 06.02.16 – 12.06.16

“Brooklyn-based KAWS is considered one of the most relevant artists of his generation. Within the Pop Art tradition, he has created a prolific body of influential work, which both engages young people with contemporary art and straddles the worlds of art and design to include street art, graphic and product design, paintings, murals and large-scale sculptures.

KAWS developed a passion for popular culture in art and design early in life and studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early 1990s. By then he was already well versed in graffiti, having frequently tagged walls and freight trains with the letters K A W S. KAWS continued developing his visual vocabulary conceiving his soft skull with crossbones and crossed-out eyes, which would become a signature gesture. After college, he worked as a freelancer for animations studios, which further catalysed his appropriation of iconic characters from popular culture and comic books.

KAWS regularly exhibits in museums and galleries internationally and his work continues to appeal to a loyal fan base as well as the commercial sector. He has collaborated with industry leaders including Nike, Vans, MTV and Kanye West.”

 It was a bit muddy and cold but the sun was shining and we had a lovely time walking around looking at as much as we could before it got too dark.


Here are a few photos from our trip:

If you’d like to find out more about the Yorkshire Sculpture Park or KAWS click on the links.

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Making of the 3D Acrylic Painting that I made my Mum for Christmas

My mum asked me to make her a 3D Acrylic Painting as her Christmas present, it was to go in my little sister’s old bedroom once my Mum had finished decorating it. So it needed to be a specific size, shape and colour that would fit in the place that she wanted it to go and she requested that it had butterflies or flowers on it. This meant that I had to pick the best canvas to use to start with, then keep in mind what colours it would be going with when I was painting it.

Simple, right?

Here’s what I did…..




Let me know what you think about it by commenting or email

If you’d like your own 3D Acrylic Painting made for you or for your mum then get in touch



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Making of Pontefract Castle 3D Acrylic Painting by Purple Faye

I made this 3D Acrylic Painting of Pontefract Castle as part of my Ponte Project, making 3D Acrylic Paintingss of places in Pontefract, here’s how I did it……

(hover over the images for captions)

It’s always great to get feedback so please leave me a comment or email to let me know what you think



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Workshops: Make Your Own 3D Acrylic Painting with Purple Faye

Transform ordinary cardboard and modroc into your very own beautiful 3D Acrylic Painting to treasure forever.

The workshops will focus on using artist Purple Faye’s techniques with cardboard, modroc and acrylic paint to make 3D Acrylic Paintings at her studio in Pontefract.
Participants will be guided through the process by artist Purple Faye and given hands on help to produce their own 3D Acrylic Painting.
Starting with drawing, then manipulating the cardboard and modroc, finishing by painting with acrylic paints.
All materials and tools needed will be provided.
Time to allow the modroc to dry will be required so participants can choose to complete their 3D Acrylic Painting over one full day (with a refreshment break to allow for the modroc to dry) or over two half days.
(Choose between Thursday, Friday or Saturday)
By the end of the workshops participants will have created their own 3D Acrylic Painting to take home and keep or give as a gift.
How to Book
Book by emailing:



(All materials and tools needed included)

*Please note that children must be accompanied by adult supervision*

£35 per adult (making one 3D Acrylic Painting each)

£40 per adult + 1 child (making one 3D Acrylic Painting together)

These workshops are suitable for all levels, from beginners to more experienced artists/crafters. Please wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. Bring pictures of anything that you’d like to make your 3D Acrylic Painting of.


Studio Address:
1st Floor
Pearl Assurance House
1-3 Horsefair
West Yorkshire


How to Book

Book by emailing


If you can’t make it to a workshop then kits are available to buy too

Purple Faye x


Framing my 3D Acrylic Paintings

I’ve always made my 3D Acrylic Paintings with the intention that they don’t need to be framed. In fact in a lot of cases I’ve deliberately made them bleeding over the edges so it would be difficult to put a frame on.

Recently though I’ve had a few people mention that they thought that my work would look better in frames which got me thinking about giving it a try, just to see what it would look like and if it actually did make a difference.

I took some of my work to the framer near to my studio to get their opinion and see what they suggested, plus get some quotes for prices.

It’s not that I don’t like frames by the way. I do think that the right frame can enhance a painting, making it look more finished and professional. I also think that the wrong frame can ruin one too though and sometimes less is more.





Out of the 2 that I’ve shown as examples above I think the most successful is the top one. But I don’t think it’s successful enough to change my mind about putting frames on my 3D Acrylic Paintings. Out of the people I’ve had feedback from so far they feel the same.

I’d love to know what you think too so please let me know by commenting below or email me

I look forward to seeing what you think

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