About Purple Faye 3D Acrylic Paintings

Purple Faye is the business name for artist Faye Johnson. Working from her studio in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, each tactile, sculptural and unique 3D acrylic painting is hand made by her from scratch and features animals, buildings, cute characters, flowers and vehicles as their subject matter.

3D acrylic paintings start with the design being drawn onto a piece of cardboard that has been cut to the same size as the canvas to be used.

Working from photographs, especially if it’s something specific (an animal, building, vehicle or a commissioned design) pieces are also created from imagination too, cute characters (dinosaurs, mermaids, ballerinas and teddies) along with flowers and butterflies.

After the drawing is complete it is cut out and sculpted into layers using more cardboard. stuck down on the canvas and covered with modroc (plaster of paris bandages) to give texture and create a suitable surface to be painted. Acrylic paints are then used to paint on the sculpted cardboard and modroc surface once it is dry.

It is this technique that makes the painting stand out from the canvas making it 3D.

Work is available for sale plus you can commission order your very own unique 3D Acrylic Painting to be made specially for you.

Purple Faye first used the 3D acrylic painting technique at high school as part of GCSE Art. She then went on to study Fine Art Printmaking and Graphic Design followed by a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Selby College then on to completing a BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Creative Practice (Art and Design) at Leeds Metropolitan University.


Most recently seen at/taken part in:

Holmfirth Art Week 2015

British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) Harrogate 2015

Wakefield ArtWalk November 2015

Open Studios August & December 2015

Artworld Gallery Exhibition, Wakefield Ridings Centre August to October 2015

Artworld 2 Gallery, Wakefield Ridings Centre August to December 2014

Wakefield ArtWalk November 2014

Purple Faye Pop Up Gallery/Shop, Castleford, October 2012- April 2014