Purple Faye’s artist studio in Pontefract

On the 1st of August 2015 I got the keys to my new studio in Pontefract, if you’d like to pay me a visit to look at my 3D Acrylic Paintings and see how I make them you’re very welcome to (entrance is via the Fitness Solutions doorway).

You can even do a workshop to make a 3D Acrylic Painting with me there to.

To organise a visit or a workshop email: info@purplefaye.co.uk or message me on facebook.com/purplefaye.co.uk

Address: 1st Floor

Pearl Assurance House

1-3 Horsefair


West Yorkshire


(entrance via the Fitness Solutions doorway)

Here’s how it’s looking so far including some shots from the open evening event I had on Thursday 27th August 2015

See the videos on Youtube https://youtu.be/mTIEOw4rAD0


Till next time

Take care

Purple Faye x


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