Kits: “Make Your Own” 3D Acrylic Painting

Transform ordinary cardboard and modroc into beautiful 3D Acrylic Paintings


Each kit includes modroc, cardboard, blank canvas and instructions

How to order: email  which size + how many


These are the kits that I’ve been working on, let me know what you think.

Take Care

Purple Faye x



How to get a 3D Acrylic Painting by Purple Faye

It’s very simple to get your very own tactile, scultpural and unique 3D Acrylic Painting by Purple Faye:

**** GET IN TOUCH ****


All you have to do is send an email to

(or tell me your email address so I can send an email to you)

Any time of the day or night

  • If you’ve fallen in love with an existing Purple Faye artwork that you’ve seen on the website or on social media etc then all you have to do to make it yours is send an email to me/ tell me your email address
  • If you want your very own tactile, sculptural and unique 3D Acrylic Painting making specially for you to your own personal specifications then email or tell me your email address so I can send you an email to find out exactly what you’d like.

Then I’ll send you an invoice which you can securely and easily pay online with credit/debit card/paypal to the same email address

If you’d prefer to pay in installments then this is possible.

Once full payment has been received your chosen 3D Acrylic Painting will be packaged up safely and sent on it’s way to reach you ASAP (p&p costs will apply, can ship worldwide) or if you prefer you can collect it from me.

Any questions just ask 🙂

Purple Faye x

Make Your Own 3D Acrylic Painting with Purple Faye: Halloween Workshops

Make Your Own 3D Acrylic Painting with Purple Faye: Halloween Workshops



Friday 30th October from 2pm and
Saturday 31st October from 11am

Book by emailing:

ONLY £20 per person all inc

(usually £35 per adult, £40 1 adult + 1 child making one together)

*Please note that children must be accompanied by adult supervision*

Transform ordinary cardboard and modroc into your very own beautiful 3D Acrylic Painting to treasure forever

Why not make a Halloween decoration to scare and delight your family and friends with year after year?

Choose which day you’d prefer or split it over the 2 days – Friday 30th October afternoon start at 2pm
Saturday 31st October Morning start at 11am

Take as long as you need to create your masterpiece with me

If you’d prefer to have a one on one workshop on a different day, get in touch so we can arrange it


Studio Address:
1st Floor
Pearl Assurance House
1-3 Horsefair
West Yorkshire

Hope to see you there, it is lots of fun to do 🙂

Take care

Purple Faye x

Poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Saturday Sculpture Adventure

To make the most of the last day before the clocks went back I decided to go on an adventure looking at sculpture.

I started at the Hepworth then caught the free bus from there to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. (The free bus is only on for the duration of the Caro In Yorkshire exhibition 18.7.15 – 1.11.15 so the last chance to use it is this Saturday the 31st)

As the bus set off the rain started to lash it down and I thought that I was going to be in for a rather damp slide round the park. Luckily it didn’t last long and I had a lovely time strolling round seeing as much as I could.

I especially wanted to make sure that I made it to see the Poppies: Wave, which is a section of the poppy sculptures that were at the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the first world war.


If you want to go see the Poppies: Wave on Remembrance Sunday the 8th of November or Armistice day the 11th of November then entry is by ticket only as they want to “ensure a calm and contemplative experience” it is still free to visit though.
See for details.

Hopefully I won’t leave it so long until I go back to visit the sculpture park (last time I was there was a college trip, far too long ago).

Let me know what your favourite thing at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is when you go visit.

Till next time,
Take care
Purple Faye

Making of the “All Saints Church 2” in Pontefract 3D Acrylic Painting by Purple Faye

The making of my most recent 3D Acrylic Painting of the All Saints Church in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

A little history about the All Saints Church –

There has been a church on the site or close by since Anglo Saxon times, it even featured in the Domesday Book survey in the year 1086. The present church was built around the 1300s, but only a few parts of that church now remain. In 1536 when Henry the 8th announced dissolution it sparked an uprising known as the Pilgrimage of Grace, many supporters went to Pontefract to establish themselves in the nearby castle. The then Archbishop of York was preaching in the church at Pontefract and asked for moderation, this had a reverse effect on the congregation and they dragged him from the pulpit and off to the castle. When the civil war took place the church was constantly changing from one side to the other and at one time was reported to have been hit over 60 times by cannon balls. In fact during recent renovations one was found still embedded in one of the walls.

This is the first 3D Acrylic Painting I’ve made in my Pontefract studio as part of my Ponte Project

The next one will be Pontefract Castle so look out for the work in progress of that on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter


Don’t worry if you miss it as I’ll be showing the complete process in a blog post like this too.

Till next time

Take care

Purple Faye x